Published at 08/12/2020

Hagnésio Chiponde: From football player to leader in the conservation of biodiversity

Hagnésio Chiponde is a young Mozambican trained in veterinary medicine at the Eduardo Mondlane University, and a beneficiary of the first edition of the internship programme of the PLCM, which took place in the National Administration of Conservation Areas (ANAC) and in the Maputo Special Reserve and the Ponta do Ouro Partial Marine Reserve from March to August 2020.

Hagnésio was always passionate about football and dreamed of playing professionally. However, his dedication and commitment to the protection of biodiversity spoke louder and today he works in the conservation sector.

He is an example of the positive impact that the PLCM has on the professional career of young people, since, after six months as an intern, he was hired by an organisation which works for the conservation of species and to mitigate the conflicts between people and wild life.

“I had the opportunity to begin my career in the Conservation Area with the PLCM and currently I am part of the team of veterinarians helping the National Administration of Conservation Areas in field operations for the conservation of wild life. It has been a captivating experience”.

For Hagnésio, the pre-professional internship has increased his will to work for the conservation of biodiversity and has rapidly opened up for him very interesting professional opportunities!