Published at 28/07/2021

BIOFUND signs subvention agreement to start community development activities in the Gilé National Park

This is an agreement signed between the Foundation for the Conservation of Biodiversity (BIOFUND) and the Network for Environment and Sustainable Community Development in Zambézia (RADEZA), in the framework of the PROMOVE Biodiversidade programme, with financing from the European Union, to the sum of 792.000,00 (seven hundred and ninety two thousand) Euros, for the implementation of community development activities in the buffer zone of the Gilé National Park (PNAG) up to 2025.

With this intervention, it is expected to strengthen the organizational capacity of the Nokalano Association, the strategic partner for making operational the Mulela Community Game Reserve, set up under Decree no. 43/2013 of 23 August, promote environmental awareness raising activities among the communities, disseminate the practices of sustainable economic activities with the use of improved agricultural production systems, strengthen the participation of the local communities in decision making, and establish sustainable means of generating income, in order to reduce the pressure on the natural resources of the PNAG.

The main objective of the PROMOVE Biodiversidade programme is to protect biodiversity and contribute to improving the livelihoods of the rural communities through the sustainable management of natural resources. The programme also envisages strengthening the capacities of the institutions that deal with natural resource management, implementing sustainable initiatives and strategies that improve the management and administration capacity of the areas of intervention of the project, adopting sustainable livelihood practices for the local communities living in the interior and the buffer zones of the Conservation Areas, and encouraging the dissemination of applied research and participatory studies to influence natural resource management.

The programme is implemented by BIOFUND and ANAC, and its beneficiaries are the Gilé National Park, the First and Second Islands Environmental Protection Area and Mount Mabu. For more information about the PROMOVE Biodiversidade programme click here