Published at 20/04/2018

BIOFUND visit to Chimanimani National Reserve

A team from BIOFUND was in April 2018 at Chimanimani National Reserve, in Manica province, in a group visit with representatives of various partnerships on conservation (FNDS, ANAC, DNDR, World Bank, FFI, Carr Foundation and PPF). The main objective of this visit was to help defining and prioritizing main actions for Mozbio 2 activities. There was good understanding and engagement of the various working groups from all institutions.

The visit increased our knowledge about the main activities on biodiversity conservation throught the various partnerships ongoing in Chimaninani, its potentialities and challenges. It was worthworth noticing the visit to the agricultural irrigation project PROIRRI in Rotanda and the activity of the sourdough association of Bandiri, in Révue river, that follows sustainable best practices for the artisanal gold extraction.

It is noticeable the great potential Chimanimani National Reserve, where the highets point of the country is localized (the famous Binga Mount, with aproximately 2454m, near Zimbabwe) with a rich biodiversity ecosystem, working with surrounding local comunities to develop sustainable developmental livelihood alternatives.

The working team was based at Ndzou camp, (that means elephant in the local language) , localized in the midle of the beautiful forest reserve of Moribane, an ecological tourism partnership of local comunities with Eco-Micaia, aiming to conserve natural forest resources side by side with a sustainable tourism business.