Published at 03/10/2022

BIOFUND, WCS and DINAB promote regional training of Government technicians on the application of the Biodiversity Offsets Diploma in Mozambique

The National Directorate for Environment (DINAB) in collaboration with COMBO+ Program, implemented by the Government of Mozambique, the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and the Foundation for the Conservation of Biodiversity (BIOFUND) with financial support from World Bank/MozBio2 Project, UNDP/BIOSFAC and AFD/FFEM conducted between 20th and 21st September, in Maputo City an intensive training on the new Ministerial Diploma for the implementation of Biodiversity Offsets in Mozambique (DIPLOMA 55/2022) for government technicians from the Environmental sector and members of the Technical Commission for Environmental Impact Assessment (CTA) from south region of Mozambique.

This regional training was attended by 43 participants from Maputo, Gaza and Inhambane provinces, representing the National Directorate for the Environment (DINAB), National Agency for Environmental Quality Control (AQUA), Provincial Services for the Environment (SPA) , Provincial Services for Economic Activities (SPAE), Provincial Services for Infrastructures (SPI), Provincial Directorates of Industry and Trade (DPIC), Provincial Directorates of Territorial Development and Environment (DPDTA) and Provincial Directorates of Culture and Tourism (DPCT).

This training raised awareness of these institutions regarding the relevance of the recently approved Ministerial Diploma for biodiversity offsets implementation in Mozambique, including details regarding the implementation and coordination mechanisms necessary for an effective implementation in Mozambique. Also in this training, opportunities for collaboration and synergies were identified at central and provincial levels.

The COMBO+ Program started the national training program on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and application of the Mitigation Hierarchy in Mozambique in 2017 and has already contributed to the training of over 1000 professionals from the government, civil society, the private sector, and academia.

With the approval of the Biodiversity Offsets Ministerial Diploma in Mozambique, a multistakeholders intensive training program will take place at national scale, ensuring dissemination of this important tool to harmonize economic development and biodiversity conservation in Mozambique.

For further information on the Biodiversity Offset Program, please, click here.