Published at 25/10/2017

Conservation areas of Mozambique received 3.108 animals during 2017

The translocation of animals to Maputo Special Reserve (MSR) and to Zinave National Park (ZNP) has already finished with the introduction of 3.108 animals of different species, corresponding to 66% of the 4.712 planned.

The MSR received 2.325 animals, from which 1.161 came from the Big Game Park of Swazilandia, specifically, 498 African antelopes, 408 zebras, 194 blue wildebeest, 50 greater kudu and 12 giraffes. The Ezemvelo Reserve of South Africa provided 251 Nyalas and the Gorongosa National Park (GNP) contributed with 812 waterbucks and 100 warthogs.

The ZNP received 783 animals, from which 51 African antelopes and 2 elephants came from Zimbabwe, 387 waterbucks and 93 reedbucks originated from Gorongosa National Park and 250 buffalos came from Marromeu National Reserve.

Beside MSR and ZNP, the Official Coutada nº 9, localized in the Macossa district, Manica province, also received 200 buffalos from Marromeu National Reserve (MNR).

The translocation of various species of animals aims at improving the tourism product, resulting in the creation of conditions for tourism investment and a consequent increase in the number of visitors in the Conservation Areas.

This translocation operation represents an historical moment, being the largest ever carried out in the country, as well as marking a contribution of fauna from our own national parks (GNP and MNR).

The national conservation area system covers approximately 18,57 million of hectares, corresponding to about 25% of the national territory, including 8 National Parks, 7 National Reserves, 1 Environmental Protected Area, 20 Official Hunting Areas, 3 Community Conservation Areas and 50 Fazendas do Bravio.