Published at 27/10/2017

The Culture of Conservation and Sustainable Development

In this second week dedicated to the exhibition on Biodiversity in Quelimane, we reached a total of more than 3000 visitors who had the opportunity to know more about our natural heritage exploring the exhibition with the help of guides, and increased, enriched and shared knowledge, participating in lectures and mini-courses with emphasis on the theme: Environmental Education, Coastal Erosion: Mitigation Measures.

Attention was given yesterday to the special visit of a group of 10 children (5 girls and 5 boys) selected based on their performance, from 5 schools from Gilé district (Escola Primária Completa Malema Centro and Escola Primária Completa Naheche) and Pebane district (Escola Primária Completa Musseia, Escola Primária Completa Sacani and Escola Primária Completa Mutacane), accompany by two teachers (see photos). These visitors enjoyed the program of the exhibition, which seeks through educational and recreational activities especially geared to the young public, stimulate the imagination around the biodiversity and its conservation: guided tour of the exhibition; cinema session in the educational film room on the conservation of natural resources; and animal sounds contest having the winners received prizes. This initiative of exchange of experiences of Pebane and Gilé students was carried out by COSV with the support of the European Union and the Italian Cooperation, within the framework of the project” Reinforcement of Financial Sustainability and Biodiversity of the Gile National Reserve.

In this edition of the exhibition that takes place in Zambézia, one of the great highlights is the coconut tree, an extremely important flora resource in this province, that suffers from the lethal yellowing, and for these reasons chosen as a mascot this event. After the elephant and the rhinoceros, mascots of the exhibitions of 2015 and 2016 in Maputo and Gaza, respectively, this is the first exhibition that stands out with a mascot of a plant species. The coconut mascot (attached photos), built using metal and aluminum, can be enjoyed in the garden of the Teacher Training Institute of Quelimane. Congratulations to the students Lazaro Castro Assuate, António José Manuel and Said Benjamim Dualia, from the second year of the Visual Education course at Pedagogical University of Quelimane that under the supervision of their teacher, Mahomed Vali, designed and implemented this beautiful work!

Walking towards the end of the exhibition, we present here the program for the next few days.