Published at 01/02/2021

Diocórcia Chaguala – Mother, wife and heroine of biodiversity

Diocórcia is one of the few women in the Limpopo National Park (PNL) who works in the inspection sector. She has been working there for 12 years. She always dreamed of working in the conservation area, and this dream came true in 2008, when she entered the PNL, as a ranger.

A wife, a mother and a housewife, Diocórcia first went through a training course on inspection which demanded a great deal of courage and persistence from her. She confesses that, at first, it was not easy to reconcile her activities, particularly because she is a woman, since the work of inspection requires courage and determination.

My greatest challenge was when I had to abandon my family for several days in order to stay at the inspection posts with my other colleagues. That was not easy. There was a moment when I considered giving up due to the adversities, but my courage and the support of my family saw me through to the end”.

Currently, the number of women working in the inspection sector in Mozambique has been growing. According to the data from the National Administration of Conservation Areas (ANAC), the Conservation Areas throughout the country have more than 170 women who do not spare efforts to preserve from nature.