Published at 10/08/2021

Dr. Carlos Lopes Pereira Fund grants awards to five conservation rangers

This was the first award by the Dr Carlos Lopes Pereira Fund (formally set up in July 2020), at an event marking World Ranger Day, which is commemorated every year on 31 July. This year the ceremony was held in the Niassa Special Reserve, and was chaired by President Filipe Nyusi. The winners were chosen after a rigorous selection process held between 11 June and 5 July this year, when the administrators/managers of various Mozambican Conservation Areas submitted the candidacies of the Rangers who had stood out most over the previous year.

13 applications were received for the Ranger of the Year Award 2021. They were assessed by an independent jury, consisting of the Foundation for the Conservation of Biodiversity (BIOFUND), the National Administration of Conservation Areas (ANAC) and the Mozambican Association of Safari Operators (AMOS), who determined the five winning Rangers, based on the following criteria:

  • Commitment and dedication – referring to an expression of enthusiasm and competence to work as a Ranger, carrying out all the daily duties in an exemplary manner.
  • Impact and contribution – referring to the significant contribution to the protection of fauna and habitats, promoting conservation in the local communities or other work essential for conservation.
  • Threats and challenges overcome – referring to skills in responding courageously to the difficulties and dangers faced at work: dealing effectively with the challenges of combatting damage to wildlife.
  • Leadership and inspiration – referring to the capacity to comply with the expectations of their duty, demonstrating the ability to influence, motivate and lead the members of the team.

The five winning rangers of 2021 are from five Mozambican public and private conservation areas, namely: António Soze Fombe of the Niassa Special Reserve, João Bernardo Castigo Massane of the Bazaruto Archipelago National Park, José Ernesto Amimo of Luwire – Lugenda Wildlife Reserve, a private operator that is part of the Niassa Special Reserve, Martins Rodrigues of the Maputo Special Reserve, and Talento Luwemba of Safaris de Moçambique, in Tchuma Tchato. Each winning ranger received a diploma of merit, and the sum of 25,000 meticais in money.

The Dr. Carlos Lopes Pereira Fund has ANAC and AMOS as its main partners, and its main donors are BIOFUND, TUSK and AVM Consultants.

For more information about the Dr. Carlos Lopes Pereira Fund, visit the BIOFUND website, through the link