Published at 02/07/2019

June, The Ocean Celebration Month

Under the United Nations International Day of Oceans motto – No to Marine Pollution  on June 8th , BIOFUND, in partnership with the Fisheries Museum and the Ministry of the Sea, Inland Waters and Fisheries (MIMAIP), carried out a number of environmental education on the importance of coastal and marine biodiversity for the life of living beings.

The oceans constitute about two-thirds of the earth’s surface and contribute in an indispensable way not only to man, but to the entire planet.

– Marine pollution is currently a major danger to the oceans and endangers the survival of various marine species, including sea giants such as manta ray, sea turtle, dugong, dolphin, whale and whale shark – said Narci Nuro de Premegi, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of the Sea, Inland Waters and Fisheries.

BIOFUND through its Biodiversity Exhibition on marine, coastal and aquatic biodiversity illustrated in various panels, photos on sustainable fisheries, lectures on the importance of mangroves to mitigate the impact of coastal pollution on the oceans has sensitized an additional 500 primary and higher education students of the city of Maputo.

The importance of mangrove forests in mitigating the impacts of coastal pollution was also emphasized as well as the various challenges such as climate change, population growth, degradation of the marine environment, loss of biodiversity, pollution and proliferation of plastic garbage that demand urgent intervention of man to guarantee the health of the oceans and the maintenance of resources for the current generation, as well as for the future.

This celebration is taking place at a time when BIOFUND is preparing to carry out, next August 2019, in Chimoio, the fifth edition of the largest biodiversity exhibition in Mozambique, targeting more than 5000 visitors, entitled “The Culture of Conservation and Sustainable Development”