Published at 20/06/2019

Maputo hosted the VII General Assembly of the Foundation for the Conservation of Biodiversity - BIOFUND

The VII General Assembly of the Foundation for the Conservation of Biodiversity (BIOFUND) was held in the city of Maputo. The event was held on June 18th  2019 under the chairmanship of Professor Doctor Lourenço do Rosário and attended by more than 50 representatives of governmental and non-governmental institutions related to the conservation sector. During the session, the members of this body approved the 2018 activities and  finance reports, as well as the plan and budget for 2019.

These presentations included: (i) the foundation’s growth and the assumption of greater responsibilities in new projects such as Mozbio 2 (with World Bank funding), including the implementation of the Conservation Leadership Program; ii) BIOFUND’s contribution to the establishment of procedures for the implementation of biodiversity counterbalances; (iii) the growth of its investment capital; (iv) doubling the volume of BIOFUND disbursements (about US $ 2 million disbursed in 2018) and supporting more than half of Mozambique’s parks and reserves.

“This moment is very important for us because it allows to do an analysis and evaluation of our work, level of execution of our activities and ultimately the exchange of ideas about the path we want to follow. We are happy because our institution helps to reinforce the awareness and importance of biodiversity for the country. We are growing, the impact of our activities is visible, so we want to reinforce the idea that the Foundation for Biodiversity Conservation – BIOFUND is an important pillar in the sustainable development of Mozambique, “according to the program director, Alexandra Jorge.