Published at 09/11/2021

More than 400 people reached by the Environmental Education Actions of BIOFUND at the Inhaca Book and Biodiversity Fair

Inhaca was the stage for the Kanyaka Book Fair, an initiative promoted by Maputo Municipal Council and its partners, such as the Maputo Portuguese School, AMOCINE,  BIOFUND, ANAC, AMOLP, IMPACTO and the Inhaca Maritime Biology Station. The Fair was held between 6 and 8 November 2021, under the theme “The history of the future is written on the Island” seeking to promote the relationship between literature and environmental education.

To mark the opening of the fair, the Mayor of Maputo, Eneas Comiche, inaugurated the Inhaca municipal library at the Inhaca Noge Complete Primary School. He stressed the importance of the fair and of the library for the residents of Inhaca. “I feel honoured to initiate the Inhaca Book and Biodiversity Fair. Books sustain the scientific knowledge acquired in school, and the choice of the theme ‘Literature and Biodiversity’ draws attention to the most attractive areas of Inhaca island, which we have to protect”, stressed Eneas Comiche. Participating in the event were the writers Ungulani Ba Ka Khosa, Teresa Noronha, Álvaro Fausto Taruma (who was born on Inhaca), Aciena Manave, Juvenal Bucuane, Silvia Macie and Dionisío Manhiça.

The intersection between literature and the conservation of biodiversity is an unequalled opportunity to make society aware of the importance of the conservation of biodiversity. BIOFUND took part in the event and raised the awareness of more than 400 people, focusing particularly on children of between 6 and 15 years of age, through various activities of environmental education, such as the Biodiversity Exhibition and a lecture and play about the importance of conserving the mangrove forest, improvised with pupils aged between 9 and 12, which will remain in the memory of the residents of Inhaca. Also on this occasion, BIOFUND donated 10 information panels about marine species and habitats, to be used by the Inhaca Maritime Biology Station in its environmental education activities.

Also during this visit, synergies were explored with the Maputo Municipal Council as well as the Inhaca Maritime Biology Station to continue the environmental education programme, including the production of content, making materials available, sharing information, and training the children and young people of Inhaca Island, which is an integral part of the Ponta do Ouro Partial Marine Reserve. The Reserve is a beneficiary of BIOFUND.

Since 2015, BIOFUND has undertaken activities to publicise the importance and relevance of our biodiversity, through an annual biodiversity exhibition held in various provinces, mainly involving a young public and local schools, mostly at provincial level, through a variety of audio-visual materials. The Inhaca Book and Biodiversity Fair has boosted BIOFUND’s environmental education actions, reaching a more remote public, at district level, and also motivating teachers  to take up environmental themes. It also brings information about the main threats to our biodiversity and, above all, how to preserve it.