Published at 14/04/2021

Mount Pope and its unique landscape: a tourism attraction to discover in the Gilé National Park

High trees, a variety of plant species and bird song that enchants those who enter the forest in the Gilé National Park, in Zambézia province. But after an hour’s drive from this unique moment, there arises a new horizon which, with a magical stimulus, awakens the desire to see where those mountainous formations, discovered (documented) for the first time in 1920, end. Thus begins the climb to the top of Mount Pope, which is about 265 metres high.

Located in the vastness of the Gilé National Park, which covers 2, 861 km2 and a buffer zone of 1, 671 km2, climbing Mount Pope is a challenge that takes about 45 minutes. This is a journey that can only be made on foot, and in the company of a guide, because the rock strewn path also possesses some secrets only known to those who have been there before.

It is possible to make a small stop halfway up the path, but at that point the desire to reach the top is so great that to stop would be to delay a desire which is already running high.

Since it is part of the Gilé National Park, its vegetation includes a great wealth of flora, including many of the dominant species of the miombo forest.

During the climb, it is possible to contemplate a landscape formed by a mosaic of forest and grassland. The water running between the stones, mixed with the sounds of small insects, provides a captivating soundtrack for reaching the top of the mountain. And, speaking of the top of Mount Pope, after reaching there, there is no doubt that Mother Nature is a perfectly divine present. A landscape that remains engraved in the memory of those who reach there!

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