Published at 09/09/2020

Nine Interns start Activities in Conservation Areas under the Mozambique Program for Conservation Leadership (PLCM)

This is the second group of young graduates selected within the scope of the 1st Edition of the PLCM Internship Program that began their activities in the Conservation Areas on September 9, 2020, for period of six months – observing the entire protocol of hygiene and safety established for the prevention of COVID-19.

The activities will be carried out in five Conservation Areas, namely: Total Protection Area of Cabo São Sebastião, Bazaruto Archipelago National Park, Zinave National Park, Banhine National Park, and Limpopo National Park.

This program aims to motivate and attract young graduates to the national conservation system and to peak their interest in working in Biodiversity Conservation. Carolina Hunguana, PLCM Coordinator, said that “the program selected trainees with knowledge in biological, natural, human, social and other sciences as a way of showing that the Conservation sector is comprehensive and needs the contribution of different areas of knowledge. “

Cadaito Aly Baraca, graduated in Tourism from Eduardo Mondlane University, is an intern at Banhine National Park, he says that “It is with great enthusiasm that through PLCM, I gain the opportunity to apply efforts in favor of improving the living conditions of communities, through the promotion of cyber tourism and biodiversity conservation in Mozambique”.

It should be noted that the internships were initially scheduled to begin in March 2020, having been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.