Published at 24/08/2020

A further donation to the Rangers’ Support Fund

The Dr. Carlos Lopes Pereira Fund, which seeks to recognise and reward the courage and dedication of the rangers of the Conservation Areas in Mozambique,has just received a new contribution to its capital, to the value of two million meticais, from the company AVM Consultores, represented by Adamo Valy.

As previously announced, the Fund was set up on the basis of a complete donation of the monetary part of the Prince William Award for Conservation in Africa– 50,000 pounds sterling, which Tusk International granted in 2019 to Dr Carlos Lopes Pereira, the Director of the Protection and Inspection Services of the National Administration of the Conservation Areas (ANAC).

BIOFUND decided to add value to this selfless gesture by Dr. Carlos Lopes Pereira by contributing for its part a further 50,000 pounds – which allowed the Fund to count on an initial capital equivalent to 8.6 million meticais.

AVM has thus become the first national institution to join this initiative, responding to the appeal made publicly by its promoters at the launch of the Fund on 31 July, during the commemorations of World Ranger Day.

As from 2021, the Dr. Carlos Lopes Pereira Fund will award prizes to Rangers who have most distinguished themselves in the years. It will also grant support to close relatives of those Rangers who, in the exercise of their duties, lost their lives or were permanently disabled.