Published at 09/06/2017

Notre Mer, Mar Nosso – Our Sea, our future (from 6 to 16 June)

In 2017, Mar Nosso (Our Sea) will be organised around World Oceans Day, celebrated on 8 June, in partnership with MIMAIP and UNESCO.

This 4th edition of the Mar Nosso meetings will be an opportunity, as in every year, to inform ourselves and to debate the future of our oceans, particularly of the Indian Ocean. It asks how we all (authorities of the countries bordering the Mozambique Channel, scientists, representatives of civil society and communities) can come together so that we can sustainably exploit their resources and their extraordinary biodiversity? How can we manage, how can we co-administer, “Our Sea” together?

During these weeks of activities, it is intended, through a programme with scientific debates, a seminar on the Law of the Sea, a conference on coral reefs, the showing of a film on Japanese fishing women, activities for children, discussions and an art exhibition, to bring some elements for reflection about this complex matter.

For more details on the programme for 6-16 June, consult the link.