Published at 07/08/2017

Executive Director of BIOFUND on the delegation of the Ministry of Land, Environment and Rural Development mission to Brasília

The Executive Director of BIOFUND – Foundation for the Conservation of Biodiversity, Luís B. Honwana, visited Brazil from 11 to 18 June, by invitation of the World Bank, in the capacity of advisor to the delegation of MITADER, for contacts with various federal bodies in the conservation sector.

The purpose of this visit was to prepare the Plan of Action for the trilateral Brazil/ Mozambique/ World Bank agreement, in the framework of South-South cooperation, which was recently signed in Maputo.

This Memorandum of Understanding covers a wide range of matters ranging from territorial planning to biodiversity and even to mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

According to the World Bank, some of the specific objectives of the study include, but are not limited to: effective reforms of public policies for the environment and conservation agriculture; innovative measures to increase land tenure regularisation; planting technologies for restored areas; development of the value chain and promotion of the rural entrepreneurship of the smallholders; and also the potential of public-private partnerships to provide rural credit flows to small farmers and agro-business.