Published at 23/03/2022

PLCM celebrates International Day of Forests, by making young people aware of the importance of conserving forests

On the occasion of the International Day of Forests, under the motto “Forest Restoration: a path for recovery and well-being”, the Foundation for the Conservation of Biodiversity (BIOFUND), through the Mozambique Conservation Leadership Programme (PLCM), in collaboration with the Portuguese School of Mozambique, through the United for the Environment Association (UPA), brought together about 100 secondary school students for a lecture of reflection on the importance of the forests.

The event took place on 21 March 2022, in the Portuguese School of Mozambique. In an interactive manner, the students shared their perceptions about the role of each individual in guaranteeing a better planet, free of the effects of deforestation.

In addition to the lecture, a three day exhibition was also organised, consisting of informative panels on the predominant forests in Mozambique, samples of plants, and t-shirts with paintings illustrating the composition of forests made by the students of the school.

Hilário Patrício, a Forestry Engineer, and BIOFUND staff, facilitated the lecture and spoke in an educational manner about the importance of the conservation of the forests and the consequences of their destruction. “Just as the human lung is an important organ for human life, the forests are regarded as “the lungs of the world” because they are responsible for the production of oxygen from the absorption of carbon dioxide”.

This activity was part of the cooperation between BIOFUND (through the PLCM) and the Portuguese School of Mozambique which seeks to promote action of environmental awareness in the schools.