Published at 18/08/2022

Private sector more aware of the new Ministerial Diploma on the implementation of Biodiversity Offsets in Mozambique (55/2022)

The training of the private sector on the new Ministerial Diploma for the implementation of Biodiversity Offsets in Mozambique (Directive no. 55/2022) took place between 10th and 11th August in Maputo City.

The training was organized by the National Directorate for the Environment (DINAB) in coordination with the Foundation for the Conservation of Biodiversity (BIOFUND) and the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS, through COMBO+ Program, and was aimed at strengthening the capacity and awareness of the private sector to operate the new Offsets Directive (Ministerial Diploma no. 55/2022 of May 19th) and the right implementation of Biodiversity Offsets in Mozambique.

The Ministerial Diploma 55/2022 sets principles, methodologies, requirements and procedures for the right implementation of Biodiversity Offsets in the country, allowing the Government of Mozambique to ensure that category A+ and A development projects of any type of activity subject to the environmental license, with significant residual negative impacts on biodiversity, implement biodiversity offset management plans to achieve at least No Net Loss (NNL) or Net Gain (NG) of biodiversity at sites outside the area of ​​direct influence, preferably in conservation areas or important areas for biodiversity, after the implementation of measures to Avoid, Minimize and Restore.

The two-day training conducted by COMBO+ Program team (DINAB, WCS and BIOFUND) had about 50 attendants and consisted of the detailed interpretation of the Offsets Diploma and the application of each article. Highlights included the scope of the Diploma, the biodiversity that has to be offset, potential offset sites, metrics to assess biodiversity gains, key role players, management and financing of offsets and the content of the Preliminary and Final Offset Management Plan. Also as part of the training, the content of the new Biodiversity Portal SIBMOZ was shared.

This capacity building is part of the national training program on the implementation of the hierarchy of mitigation and biodiversity offsets in Mozambique for government professionals, the private sector, academia, NGOs and other key stakeholders.
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