Published at 03/08/2020

Support Fund for the Rangers of the Conservation Areas set up

The launch of this prize took place on 1 August in Gorongosa National Park, at an event concerning World Ranger Day which is celebrated on 31 July every year.

The fund is due to the initiative of Dr. Carlos Lopes Pereira, Director of the Protection and Inspection Services of the National Administration of Conservation Areas (ANAC) who, after he was granted, in 2019, the Prince William Award for Conservation in Africa, awarded by Tusk International, donated the monetary part of this prize of 50,000 pounds sterling for the constitution of a fund to support Mozambican rangers. The management of this fund has been entrusted to BIOFUND which, for its part, has contributed a further 50,000 pounds. This means that the initial capital corresponds to the sum of 8.6 million meticais.

With the objective of recognising the bravery and dedication of the rangers of the Conservation Areas, prizes will be awarded to the rangers who have made the most outstanding contributions during the year. The fund will also support the closest relatives of the rangers who have lost their lives or who were disabled in the performance of their duties.

During the ceremony, the Foundation for theConservation of Biodiversity, represented by its Executive Director,Luís Bernardo Honwana, said that this fund,to be known as the Dr. Carlos Lopes Pereira Fund, will award not monetary prizes, but also diplomas of honour.

Currently,BIOFUND is working to publicise the fund, to establish synergies, and to raise more national and international contributions to guarantee the growth of the fund.

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