Published at 31/07/2020

Today, July 31st, We Celebrate World Ranger Day

It is a day to recognize across the globe the contribution of this group of professionals, who play a crucial role for conservation of biodiversity. The rangers work directly inside the conservation areas and their buffer zones to ensure the protection of wildlife, working day and night in often precarious conditions.

BIOFUND – The Foundation for the Conservation of Biodiversity –channels most of its financial support to the Conservation Areas to improvements in the working condition for the rangers, depending on the specific needs of each Conservation Area beneficiary.

As part of the celebrations of World Ranger Day, an official ceremony will take place tomorrow August 1st, in the Gorongosa National Park. The event is led by the National Conservation Areas Administration (ANAC) and will be chaired by the Minister of Land and Environment (MTA), with the participation of BIOFUND among other conservation partners.

On the occasion, BIOFUND will premiere a documentary in homage to the rangers of the protected areas, honouring them all for World Ranger Day.

Watch the ranger’s video here!