Published at 14/06/2019

VII General Assembly of Biofund: Forum of debate on the largest Area of Marine Conservation of the Country

The VII General Assembly of BIOFUND will take place next June 18, and this year, the theme of the subsequent forum, at Montebelo Indy Maputo Congress, at 5:00 p.m., will be “The Wonders and Challenges of the Largest Marine Conservation Area in the Country “

The Environmental Protection Area of the First and Second Islands Archipelago (APAIPS) covers an area of approximately 1,040,926 ha, along a land area of 205 km, covering the provinces of Nampula and Zambezi. It has estuarine areas, rich in mangrove forests, coral reefs, fish resources and several endemic species of fauna and flora, such as Icuria dunensis, providing a colossal ecological and socioeconomic potential.

Recognizing this value, BIOFUND proposes to hold a dissemination forum that will have the participation of several experts that worked and studied the APAIPS and an exhibition open to the general public.

For more information on the APAIPS, please consult: