Published at 29/05/2020

World Oceans Day : 8 June

World Oceans Day is celebrated every year on June 8th. The purpose of the day is to inform the public about the impact of the human actions on the oceans, and developing a worldwide movement for managing sustainable oceans.

Under the motto “Innovation and Sustainability of the Ocean: Clean Seas, Protected Ecosystems” , the Ministry of the Sea, Inland Waters and Fisheries – MIMAIP in partnership with the Foundation for the Conservation of Biodiversity – BIOFUND , WWF Mozambique, USAID / SPEED + , Academics and members of local communities , amongst others, are organizing the celebration of this event in Mozambique, which will comprise a series of events that will take place from June 4th-8th.

There will be 5 days marked by various activities such as exhibitions, debates, lessons, contests and videos on the importance of marine biodiversity on the planet and the need for its protection. This event will be broadcast on national television, distance-learning platforms and social networks (see the program  here).

In the context of Covid-19, in accordance with the rules of social distancing, the event will be broadcast through digital platforms, especially national television and radio (TVM , STV and RM) as well as via  social networks , representing an opportunity for  reflection on the crucial role  we all play  in the conservation of the oceans.

Within the scope of the event, the  “Filmar para Sensibilizar” (Filming for Awareness) contest  is taking place for young people aged 13 – 17 on the importance of the Oceans, organized by BIOFUND. Public voting on the videos can be made on the Facebook page of the Mozambique Conservation Leadership Program – PLCM.

We would also like to highlight the  online event  “Virtual Ocean Dialogues” to be held June 1st-5th with more than 40 different sessions, including several debates on Marine Protected Areas, which is open to all interested parties .

For more details about the event check out the media platforms BIOFUND and MIMAIP .