Published at 19/08/2018

4th Exhibition and Multimedia Fair - The Biodiversity of Mozambique: Balance of the experience in Inhambane!

The exhibition and multimedia fair is an activity included in the 3rd strategic pillar of BIOFUND “raising awareness of the importance of biodiversity conservation”, developed with the aim of promoting environmental sensitivity and the importance of biodiversity conservation in all layers of the population.

The exhibition took place in Inhambane province, specifically in the city of Inhambane and lasted 10 days, from 3 to 12 August, at the Escola Superior de Hotelaria e Turismo de Inhambane (ESHTI).

Throughout these 10 days, we have received more than 5000 visitors, mostly primary and secondary School students, university students and graduates of the IFPs (Teacher colleges). In total, 24 schools in Inhambane and 9 schools of Maxixe have had the opportunity to participate in the activities of the 4th edition of the Biodiversity Exhibition and thus to have contact and develop sensitivity for the theme of biodiversity conservation.

As a complement to the exhibition, the program was enriched with other activities:

  • Solemn Session of Inauguration of the Biodiversity Exhibition, chaired by His Excellency the Governor of Inhambane Province, Daniel Chapo.
  • Forum on “Harmonizing Economic Development and Conservation of Biodiversity”, held on the first day of the event and attended by national and international experts, having about 200 participants.
  • Lecture and bird watching session of Inhambane Bay with an international expert, Gary Allport
  • Launching of the Map of the Arts for the city of Inhambane, presided by His Excellency the Governor of Inhambane Province.
  • Photographic exhibition on the biodiversity of Mozambique, at the Casa do Capitão Hotel in Inhambane, during the whole event.
  • Environmental education sessions that reached all the schools participating in the event.
  • More than 25 lectures, debates and mini-courses, inserted in topics of relevance for the province, which had the audience of more than 1,400 participants.
  • 10 days of continuous exhibition of films, attended by more than 2 200 participants.
  • 5 days with specific activities for children, including didactic games and drawing contests, organized by FUP and CCS Italia.
  • Biodiversity fair, held during 3 days and attended by about 30 exhibitors from the Government, Academia, NGOs and conservation and sustainable development projects. In the days of the fair were present more than 1300 visitors.
  • Field visits, including beach cleaning, whale watching, visits to mangrove areas and marine conservation areas, were attended by children from Zinave (10 children), Bazaruto (6 children) and Barra (10 children).
  • Film screening and networking at key sites in the city of Inhambane that involved partners from various national and international organizations.

Seeking to awaken in the generation of tomorrow the care for biodiversity, the event was  directed to children and adolescents, educational and recreational activities that stimulate the taste for art and imagination around biodiversity, viewing educational films on conservation of natural resources, as well as contests where the winners were symbolically awarded. Distributed prizes included school supplies (backpacks, notebooks, pencils, pens, etc.), musical instruments connected to the province, material for field activities (lanterns, water bottles, tents, radios, etc.).

This 4th edition of the BIOFUND itinerant exhibition was held in partnership with the Pedagogical University (UP) and the Provincial Government of Inhambane, with the support of several national and international partners.

It was remarkable and very positive a variety of synergies and working capacity of all those who in one way or another, were involved in the preparation and holding of the event. To everyone, thank you very much for the support! Khanimambo!