Published at 04/09/2018

Environmental Education Program For Students Of The Primary Education Of The Province Of Inhambane

During the 4th Biodiversity Exhibition held in Inhambane from 3 – 12 August 2018, entitled “A Culture of Conservation and Sustainable Development”, BIOFUND organized three days of environmental education for students from schools around the Conservation Areas of Inhambane.

Twenty-six students participated in the event, 10 from 1st and 2nd grade Covane (within the Zinave National Park), 6 from the 1st and 2nd Bazaruto EP (within the Bazaruto Archipelago National Park) and 10 from the 1st and 2nd grade of Conguiana (Praia da Barra).

The objective of the environmental education program was to develop educational activities aimed at enabling / qualifying students (from 9 to 14 years old) on techniques and tools to minimize the impact of garbage on the environment; Provide conditions for acquiring knowledge, skills among students, as well as for developing attitudes towards individual and collective participation in solid waste management and Sharing knowledge and management practices of coastal and marine resources through participation in guided tours to the mangrove and marine sanctuaries.

These activities were carried out with the support of a facilitator of environmental education and the following:

Whale watching was an important time for students to have visual contact with one of the largest marine mammal species. Once this was the period of occurrence of Whales on the Mozambican coast was a unique opportunity for students.

The observation of the plankton (main food of the shark) with the aid of microscopes. Prior to this observation of the plankton, an introduction was made on the Whale Shark and its way of life, to facilitate the understanding of the subject.

Guided tour of the greenhouse mangrove seedlings in the city of Inhambane, in partnership with the Fisheries Research Institute of the of the Provincial Directorate of the Sea, Inland Waters and Fisheries of Inhambane, where they learned about what are mangroves, distribution of species of mangrove (red mangrove and white mangrove), the importance of mangroves for coastal protection, erosion control, the use of wood cuttings, among other services provided by mangrove and the role of institutions and people in their protection.

Guided tour of a community conservation marine area, in partnership with Ocean Revolution, to learn how communities have managed it. It is a natural area that is managed in a way to guarantee the livelihood of the communities, without jeopardizing the conservation of the area.

Tofo beach cleaning preceded by a lecture held at the All Out Africa, where the types of garbage that came to shore were explained in various ways.

Basic demonstrations on waste, with the support of environmental activist Carlos Serra, students had an opportunity to be sensitized about the importance of removing plastic waste from the environment.

Artistic activities, where students learned to take advantage of cultural manifestations of the community to develop educational activities, designed the most common animals that they find in their zones of origin and emblematic.

Introspection games, in partnership with MMF, fun on the environment, especially self-discovery of elements that can find in the environment, marine animals such as turtle, marine pollution.

In addition to these activities, students had the opportunity to participate in the Biodiversity Exhibition, Fair, film projection, didactic games (Sack Race, Rope Pull, Spider Web, Cards).

During the 3 days of activities students were evaluated for their attitudes, engagement and quality of responses after the activities they participated in. The award of the five best students was attended by Professor Almeida Guissamulo.

These activities were carried out with the support of several partners, with special emphasis on: Marine Megafauna Foundation, All Out Africa, Ocean Revoluction, IIP, CCS Italy, PN Zinave, Peace Park Foundation (PPF), PNA Bazaruto, African Parks ), Let’s do it, among others.