Published at 31/08/2021

Ranger of the year 2021 - José António Amino: a ranger par excellence

José Amino is a ranger from block L7 of the Niassa Special Reserve, Luwire – Lugenda Wildlife Reserve, and is outstanding for capturing poachers, and seizing a variety of traps used by the poachers.

51 year old José has dedicated himself to the inspection of biodiversity for 15 years. During that period, he has demonstrated his commitment and courage, focusing on the fight against poaching and the protection of wild life. Like the other rangers who are heroes of biodiversity, José Amino has suffered death threats due to his involvement in the fight against poaching and the illegal trade in wild life.

Despite so many challenges, José remains firm in continuing the fight for justice, and putting an end to illegal activities that damage the environment. This ranger is regarded as a reference point because of his professionalism, dedication and commitment.

The Dr. Carlos Lopes Pereira Fund, also known as the Rangers’ Support Fund, is a permanent mechanism for recognising the bravery and dedication of the rangers of the public and private Conservation Areas, through annual prizes which, in this first edition, gave awards to 5 (five) rangers of the public and private conservation areas.