Published at 27/08/2021

PLCM interns take part in the moving rescue of a lion in game reserve 11

Pride and a sense of mission accomplished characterised the young interns who took part, for the first time, in a mission to rescue an animal. It was not just any animal – we are talking about the king of the jungle, who fell into a trap laid by poachers.

Coincidence or not, this occurred on 10 August, World Lion Day, in one of the areas being restocked with lions, in game reserve 11.

The lion was injured in one of its paws, which made it impossible for it to move for about 3 (three) days. It was only located because it carried a control chip, placed in 2020, que facilitates following and protecting the lion. According to Willem Briers- Louw, the conservation manager in the game reserve, and supervisor of the PLCM interns, when they realised that the lion had been in the same place for days, they wasted no time and went to the place.

Removing the snare took about 40 minutes after the lion had been duly sedated. After the removal of the snare, the lion was medicated with serum, and the wound was disinfected, since it had almost lost one of its paws. And since it was impossible for him to move, the king of the jungle had the right to a “buffet service”, so that he could feed without the need to go hunting, while he was recovering.

For the three interns, Menáice Zunguze, Wiliamo Daniel and Mateus José, participating in this operation was an unprecedented experience. It was a true privilege to be able to assist the guardian of the jungle.

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