Published at 27/04/2020

National Mangrove Management Strategy Approved

The aim of this strategy is to maintain or enhance biodiversity, the values and function of the mangrove ecosystem in order to meet the needs of environmental protection in estuaries and coastal areas.

This document was designed to combat and reverse the situation of degradation and destruction of the mangrove ecosystem in the country, and it is also intended that this instrument adds value to the efforts that have been developed to drive and guide the regulation of rights, duties and obligations regarding the sustainable use of the mangrove ecosystem in Mozambique.

The strategic lines of this document also aim to contribute to minimize the effects of global warming by contributing to the increase of carbon sequestration and storage in the atmosphere and the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals, particularly the ODS’s 13 and 14.

BIOFUND’s collaboration is part of a series of efforts that the institution has undertaken with a view to encouraging the creation of a favourable framework for the protection of mangroves in Mozambique. It should be remembered that Mozambique is the 13th country with the largest mangrove coverage in the world. Some studies indicate that the country has about 396.080 ha, with occurrence of this species in the coastal area of the provinces of Cabo Delgado, Nampula, Zambézia, Sofala, Inhambane, Gaza (Limpopo River estuary) and Maputo.

In this context, in recent years, the Foundation has made a major contribution to the protection of mangroves in conservation areas, the creation of legal regulatory instruments, the promotion of scientific research for the inclusion of mangroves in biodiversity counterbalancing schemes and payments for ecosystem services, and the holding of environmental awareness-raising events on their ecological and socio-economic relevance to the country.

BIOFUND is proud to have participated in the process of elaboration of this instrument, together with the Ministry of the Sea, Inland Water and Fisheries and all parties involved and reiterates its commitment to the conservation of mangroves and their biodiversity in Mozambique.