Published at 10/02/2021

Our Biodiversity: Sampling of Exclusive Species in the Banhine National Park

With the onset of the rainy season in the Banhine National Park (PNB), a team of biologists consisting of two interns from the Programme of Leadership Conservation in Mozambique (PLCM), Golden Benedito Joaquim, with a licentiate degree in Biological Sciences, and Euderico Manjama, with a licentiate degree in Marine, Aquatic and Coastal Biology, are undertaking a sampling of aquatic species and birds predominant in that Conservation Area.

The sampling began in November 2020. In the initial phase, attentions were strongly directed to the sampling of plants and mammals. However, the rainy season, which began in December 2020, resulted in the creation of water hotspots which concentrate exclusive species that can be found in this period of the year, such as reptiles, amphibians, and even birds who spend their life cycle in water.

This activity is undertaken with the main purpose of identifying the predominant species of fauna and flora in the PNB. Based on this sampling. It will be possible to set up a data base with reliable information about the species, the times of year they can be seen, and the characteristics of their habitat.

Located in Gaza province, and covering an area of 7250 km2, the Banhine National Park is one of the beneficiaries of the Foundation for the Conservation of Biodiversity – BIOFUND, through Project Bee, which supports the payment of recurrent non-wage expenses, for their operations.