Published at 15/12/2017

Photographic Exhibition “Biodiversidade de Moçambique (Biodiversidade Daqui)” (“Biodiversity of Mozambique [Our Biodiversity]”)

The photographic exhibition “Biodiversidade de Moçambique (Biodiversidade Daqui)” [“Biodiversity of Mozambique (Our Biodiversity)] is open to the public, from 8 to 15 December in the auditorium of the head office of the Commercial and Investment Bank (BCI).

This exhibition is the result of a photographic expedition financed by BIOFUND, and undertaken by a multi-disciplinary team coordinated by WildlifeMoz and Still Standing. Its central purpose was to produce audio-visual materials on the biodiversity of the Maputo Special Reserve (REM) and of the Ponta Do Ouro Partial Marine Reserve, in order to stimulate collaborative civic education activities which, highlight and improve understanding about the importance of the REM, in order to ensure that more effective decisions will later be taken about the future of the conservation of the biodiversity of this area. It is also intended to draw the attention of the public in general to the existence of the REM and the care to be taken when visiting it or passing through the surrounding areas.

The exhibition also displays photographs taken on the exhibition in 2011 to Mount Namuli by the group Moçambique Aventura (Mozambique Adventure). The group challenged itself to climb the highest mountains in the country. It had previously climbed Mount Binga and the Gorongosa range.

The exhibition was opened during the launch of the bio card (see here), on 8 December, and can be visited from Monday to Friday, from 08.00 to 17.00, in the Auditorium of the head office of the BCI, located on Avenida 25 de Setembro, Nº 4. Come and look at our biodiversity!

NOTE: Because of scheduling issues at the place where the exhibition is on display (the Auditorium of the head office of the  BCI), the closing date has been changed, and now 15 December (Friday) will be the last day of the exhibition.