Published at 26/08/2021

Ranger of the year 2021-Talento Luwemba: Young leader and hero of biodiversity

Talento Luwenda stands out because of his leadership in the fight against poaching. He is a 28 year old young man, who is a ranger in the Tchuma Tchato programme in Safaris de Moçambique. He has been working as a ranger for 5 years.

According to his superiors, Talento always showed an interest in working for the conservation of biodiversity, and has brought excellent results from his work with the communities. Thanks to his determination and his leadership spirit, he has been head of the rangers since 2019.

The outstanding activity which contributed to his nomination as one of the Rangers of the Year 2021 by the Dr. Carlos Lopes Pereira Fund was his leadership in the fight against poaching which culminated in the detention of famous hunters of leopards and elephants. During these activities, Talento suffered serious injuries which put his life in danger. Despite these events, his determination remains unshaken.

His colleagues view Talento as a young leader who inspires others through his courage and commitment, since he does not hesitate to put his own life at risk in order to protect biodiversity.