Published at 03/06/2022

PLCM Promotes Inclusion and Diversity in Leadership for Biodiversity Conservation

In 2021, inclusion resulted in a success factor of the former intern of the Leadership Program for the Conservation of Mozambique – PLCM, Xangamira Sitoe, an agribusiness graduate who overcame her limitations and developed a small business.

The young woman who has special needs (cerebral palsy) helped the Marromeu Reserve and Landscape develop their business plans. During her internship, she was in charge of promoting community development activities in Marromeu, such as monitoring the activities of Small Emerging Commercial Entrepreneurs and Small and Medium Enterprises in the Gender Action Learning System (GALS) program, among other activities relevant to the landscape.

Xangamira is not only an example of resilience, but she is also evidence that women have an important role in transforming conservation in Mozambique. “PLCM gave me an opportunity to challenge my limitations and apply my skills for the development of biodiversity conservation associated with community development in the Marromeu Reserve. Currently, I am engaged in the management of a small business I created, to supply organic fertilizers for agricultural production. I feel that I am ready to lead conservation-related activities”. Said Xangamira

PLCM provides opportunities to young graduates from all over the country using a holistic approach to conservation, involving different areas of knowledge. Inclusion is an important aspect of the program, so the issue of gender becomes essential. Aware that the number of women in conservation is quite small, the program has committed to ensuring that 35% of the beneficiaries are women, and that they can lead conservation development.

This program is expected to train more young leaders who may bring innovation and positive changes to the conservation sector in Mozambique, and who can influence other young people to adopt environmental friendly attitudes.