Published at 05/06/2022

World Environment Day Celebrated under the Theme “Only One Earth”

Today, June 5, 2022, we celebrate the World Environment Day under the theme “Only One Earth”, with focus on “sustainable living in harmony with nature”. The date was decreed by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), and it has been celebrated every year since 1973.

The celebration is aimed at raising awareness of the general public on the importance of preserving natural resources and to draw attention to the need to create laws that ensure sustainable development without adversely affecting the environment.

Currently, human beings are largely responsible for the negative changes in the environment, such as the occurrence of natural disasters and the loss of biodiversity caused by water pollution, uncontrolled fires, deforestation, removal of mangroves, among other factors.

As a way of raising public awareness of the different actions that affect the environment, the Foundation for the Conservation of Biodiversity (BIOFUND), through its different programs, especially the Leadership Program for the Conservation of Mozambique (PLCM), PROMOVE Biodiversidade and Biodiversity Offsets, develops environmental education activities nationwide and assists in the development of laws that harmonize the development and preservation of the environment.

““If everyone does their part, we can ensure a more promising future for future generations””

Keep an eye on our platforms and follow the various actions carried out by BIOFUND and its beneficiaries within the scope of environmental awareness initiatives.