Published at 24/08/2021

Ranger of the year 2021- António Soze Fombe: “To be a ranger is to give one’s life for the good of conservation without expecting immediate results”

35 year old António has been a ranger for 14 years, and he has worked in the Niassa Special Reserve (REN) for the past 8 years. His work at REN has been marked by leadership in the fight against poachers from Tanzania.

António was nominated for an award from the Dr. Carlos Lopes Pereira Fund, because of the various activities he led despite the challenges.  His greatest challenge was his active participation in an operation to pursue poachers who had come from Tanzania, Together with his colleagues he walked for 29 kms under difficult conditions. His bravery also contributed to obtaining good results in operations against logging within the Niassa Special Reserve and its buffer zone.

Recognition by the Rangers’ Support Fund is a great incentive to continue the inspection activities undertaken by António and others. “I feel very honoured by the award. The prize gives extra strength so that I and other colleagues remain committed to the protection of biodiversity”.

António is a source of inspiration for his colleagues. He is known as a motivated and courageous man, willing to undertake dangerous patrolling missions.