Published at 25/08/2021

Gorongosa National Park receives PLCM interns

Two interns from the Mozambique Conservation Leadership Programme PLCM) have been taking part in Environmental Education activities since 15 August in Gorongosa National Park.

The environmental education activities are being undertaken within the communities in the buffer zone of the Gorongosa National Park, and they include lectures, games, music and showing films on themes related to the conservation of biodiversity.

With these activities, PLCM interns Silvia Durão and Davane Manjate, stationed at the Directorate of Conservation and Community Development Services/Environmental Education in the National Administration of Conservation Areas (ANAC), are understanding in practice how to maintain an active and dynamic club, as well as how to manage natural resources in the park, and how to identify the challenges of team work.

Their stay extends to 13 September, and includes interaction with the Natural Resource Management Committees of the Gorongosa National Park and of the buffer zone.