Published at 17/08/2021

Ranger of the year 2021 - João Bernardo Castigo Massane: “To be a ranger is to guarantee that natural resources exist for future generations”

João is a Ranger at the Bazaruto Archipelago National Park. He is 37 years old and has been a ranger for 18 years. He became prominent in blocking the wave of illegal night fishing, through neutralising illegal fishermen and their boats.

His passion for the conservation of biodiversity arose as a child when he watched a sea turtle being taken from the net by fishermen. According to João, the turtle was in tears because it was being taken from its habitat. He found this scene very moving, and as from that moment he decided to protect the marine biodiversity which was at risk of disappearing.

João Massane had two outstanding moments which contributed to his nomination as Ranger of the Year 2021. The first happened in 2011 when he neutralised 6 illegal fishing boats and helped in the detention of 45 offenders. The other mark in João’s career came in December 2020 when he led a night patrol which culminated in the neutralisation of 3 illegal fishing boats and the detention of 18 offenders.

João is pleased at his nomination as one of the Rangers of the Year for 2021 by the Dr. Carlos Lopes Pereira Fund, and he is ready for new challenges. “This recognition is the result of a collective effort which has brought positive results. I feel honoured and I have gained new strength to protect the environment”.

In the context of the celebrations of World Ranger Day, João leaves a message for all forestry and wildlife rangers. “To be a ranger is to guarantee that the natural resources exist for future generations”.

Watch out for coming publications, and know the stories of the other 4 Rangers granted awards by the Dr. Carlos Lopes Pereira Fund.