Published at 19/08/2021

Ranger of the year 2021 - Martins Rodrigues: Inspection work requires strength and patience

Martins Rodrigues is 54 years old, and has worked as a Ranger for 9 years. He works in the Maputo Special Reserve (REM), and he has become prominent in reducing poaching in the southern region of the REM.

Martins entered the inspection area in 2012. That was when he became passionate about nature and the need to protect natural resources. Due to his determination and commitment, Martins Rodrigues currently holds the post of head of inspection of the southern region of the Maputo Special Reserve.

According to Martins, the Dr. Carlos Lopes Pereira Fund has recognised the effort and commitment of the Rangers of the REM in fighting against poaching and reducing the smuggling of goods from South Africa into Mozambique and vice-versa. “This award is a great recognition that makes me believe that the work done is not in vain and that I am contributing to objectives of the conservation of biodiversity. I congratulate my colleagues, because the work was collective”.

During his inspection activities, Martins has faced various challenges, notably death threats from poachers. Despite these threats he remains firm and determined to continue his work, and advises all rangers to be true heroes of biodiversity, because inspection work requires strength and patience.

Watch out for coming publications, and know the stories of the other 3 Rangers granted awards by the Dr. Carlos Lopes Pereira Fund.